Audit Your Brand

At Maestro, our mission is to increase revenue by decreasing chaos for your team. Sounds like a win, win – right?

In order to increase and decrease those factors, it’s important to take a look the path your brand has been going down when it comes to brand guidelines, vendors and systems, customer communication, and government compliance.

Please select one of the brand audits below that most closely describes your organization’s structure.

Maestro Brand Automation Audit

Centralized Corporate Control

While responsibilities may be divided among various regions and departments, all your marketing efforts are derived from a single strategy or department head.

This survey may be right for you if you're an online distributor or company owned chain.

Centralized Recommendations

A single marketing department or agency may be creating centralized marketing materials but the majority of execution is left to independent owners or dealers. The hope is that these franchised and dealer locations will execute marketing materials within the desired guidelines.

This survey may be right for you if you're a franchise, dealerships, co-op, or multi-level marketer.

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