Platform Instruments

At it’s most simple understanding, Maestro’s AI and automations optimize every task, engagement, and activity your customer will experience with your brand. By digitizing your entire customer journey into blueprints, Maestro’s AI and automation analyzes each customer’s unique position along their journey continuum and determines the proper engagement necessary to maximize their frequency and spend while delivering on your brand promise.

Platform + User Management

Manage Your Digital Infrastructure

Brand Asset + Template Design

Control Your Visual Identity and Standards

Engagement + Execution

Interaction and Implementation Support

Evaluation + Analysis

Survey and Assess with Real-time Data

Platform Management

Effective digital infrastructure management is the backbone of a successful customer strategy, providing a strong foundation for you to grow with them in every stage of their life. Managing your digital infrastructure is crucial for your team to make data driven decisions that are personalized to each of your customers.

Data Feeds

Streaming, delivering, and analyzing data.

Location Profile

Geographic information and characteristics.

User Management

Control and organize segregation of duties.

Consent as a Service

Consent management for compliance control.

Brand Asset + Template Design

Brand assets and template design play a pivotal role in establishing and maintaining a unified and memorable visual identity for your brand. By meticulously crafting these elements, it creates a strong foundation that not only fosters consistency but also empowers your team to communicate its message with a lasting and impactful resonance across various mediums and interactions with your customer.

Template Design and Management

Streamlining design processes effortlessly.

Social Media Review Requests

Request messaging feedback effectively.

Audience Development

Effectively expanding and engaging audiences.

Group Development

Manage working groups, asset versioning, and reporting.

Campaign Windows

Strategic campaign timeframes and deliveries.

Execution + Engagement

Engagement and execution are two core pillars of a successful strategy. Effective engagement involves building meaningful connections with your customers, fostering trust, and in turn creating brand loyalty. In parallel, execution is the art of turning intentions into reality, ensuring that your well-crafted strategies and ideas come to life, delivering tangible results that drive customers to continue choosing you.

Brand Experience Automation

BluePrint Development and Campaign Blueprints.

Communication Fulfillment

Email, SMS, Direct Mail, and Social Media.

OnDemand Campaigns

Flexible, targeted marketing campaigns.

Message Center

Centralized communication hub.

Survey Manager

Gathering insights and collecting feedback.

Evaluation + Analysis

Evaluation and analysis serve as essential processes for gauging the effectiveness of your strategies. These practices offer insights into engagement, fostering data-informed decision-making to drive ongoing improvement and success.

Touchpoint Analysis and Activity

Interaction touchpoint assessment tools.

Recipient History and Archives

Tracking communication and archiving.

Contextual Benchmarks

Comparative insights with context.

Blueprint Analysis

Strategically plan, project, or process.

Survey Feedback

The most insightful feedback from surveys.

Maestro Functions

Delivering on your brand promise requires several marketing functions working together in harmony. Unfortunately, most brands have a different vendor supporting each of the Maestro Platform’s functions below, creating chaos in the eyes of your customer and their journey. As a single source solution, Maestro’s Brand Experience Automation Platform eliminates tech debt and includes all the functions an organization needs to deliver on their brand promise with the same level of effectiveness as Amazon or Apple. In some rare instances, your organization may need to keep certain vendors you are already doing business with. In most cases, Maestro’s platform allows you to augment our built-in function with your own vendors as long as your vendors meet certain requirements.

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