The Only Other Question Is

How Do We Get Started With Maestro?

Now that you know the Maestro Platform is the solution your brand didn’t know you needed — what’s next? How do you begin to take control of your brand’s reputation and customer’s experience?


After booking a demo, the process is quite simple – analyze, implement, test, and onboard.




BluePrint testing using real-time transactional data. Optimize channel, cadence, timing and offers.


Activation of Maestro. Deliver on your brand promise.

The Maestro Method

One Band. One Conductor. One Sheet of Music.

The Maestro Method anticipates the customer’s journey and automates the path forward with consistency and efficiency. No more reactive reconciliation with customers after a poor experience, or spamming customer inboxes and hoping they find your marketing email appealing. Maestro offers extreme freedom to ensure that the blueprints you create for your customer journey are carried out with consistency, consent, and customization. Below are a few ways the Maestro Toolkit goes beyond the existing limitations of your current ‘solutions’.

Standard Operating Procedures

While many SOPs are created, few if any are followed consistently. Humans are prone to failure, which leads to inconsistent customer experience between locations an across the brand. Maestro digitizes your SOPs to leverage automation and AI, ensuring that any element of a customer's experience will be completed. Should the decision automation AI engine identify an inconsistency, a human will be notified, allowing the business to operate by exception where automation and AI manage to the rules.

Customer’s Consent

Maestro maintains each customer's preferences for each channel of communication and category of communication and reminds them they are in control of their communications. The platform automatically suppresses any unwanted or unwarranted communication keeping your business compliant with government regulations, but not ever having to think twice about it.

Survey Feedback

Your current survey process requests feedback from your customers after a transaction. After your customer provides feedback, what happens with that information? 90% of the time, absolutely nothing. Following a purchase, the Maestro Platform requests feedback from your customer. Following a response, the system automatically analyzes the response to each question (and the survey as a whole), then reaches out to the customer to thank them for their time while simultaneously scheduling tasks for staff to ensure a human touch that no other brand offers.

Audience Segmentation

Most systems allow for basic segmentation based on simple customer profile criteria making it difficult to market broadly to a large group with a unique message. Maestro allows for complex audience segmentation across multiple criteria and data models. Need to identify recipients who purchased products in the last 6 months, have spent more than $300 in the last year and have bought products within a specific category more than 12 months ago? No problem.

Brand Assets

Getting teams to follow brand guidelines can be a tough rule to enforce. With Maestro templates can be created, modified, archived, personalized, localized, or locked based on the needs of your organization and the blueprints you create for your customer journey.

24 Hour Campaign Windows

All touchpoints are delivered to customers between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm of your local timezone unless specifically directed to delivery any time of day. You are in complete control and can even extend or reduce the daily campaign window if you need to.

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